I lead Networking and Operating Systems Lab (noplab). Our research has been generously supported by NetApp, Google, Meta, NCSC and EPSRC.

Eugenio Luo: UG student (2023 Oct.-)
Xinshu Ma: PhD student (2023 Oct.-)
Suhas Narreddy: MSc (research) student (2023 May.-)
Tianyi Gao: PhD student (2022 Dec.-)
Steven W. D. Chien: Postdoc (2022 Apr.-)
Shuo Li: PhD student (2021 Nov.-)
Shinichi Awamoto: PhD student (2021 Jan.-)

Prospective students:

PhD: Applications must go through the standard Edinburgh admission process. Funding requires applications in October to November or December to January. In any case, please contact me before the application as early as possible.
UG or MSc thesis: Please contact me by email. To guarantee my supervision, we need to propose the project before project bidding begins.
Visitors, MSc by research and UG research experience: Please contact me by email.

Past mentees

Jason Hu: intern (Jun.–Aug. 2023)
Yutaro Hayakawa: Thesis intern at NEC Labs Europe (MSc, 2019) and NetApp (BSc, 2017), Currently Isovalent
Kenichi Yasukata: Mentee at NEC Labs Europe (2017) and MSc intern at NetApp (2016), Currently IIJ